Promotional marketing can be a very successful tool for your business branding needs. There are hundreds of different items to choose from to help you get your business name out in the world. Done well, promotional marketing can be a cost-effective branding solution for any company. Read on for 7 tips to succeed with promotional items.

1. No One Needs Another Pen

Choose unique, useful items for best results. Pens and stress balls are fine, but there are so many items out there that you need to look into. Consider tech gadgets like flash drives, which are useful and look more expensive than a cheap logo-printed pen.

2. Trendy and Topical Items are Best

Timing is part of the success of any marketing campaign, including with promotional items. If you are launching a promotional campaign soon, look and see what kind of new and hot items are available. When people first started getting into reusable shopping bags and totes, these were some of the most successful promo items on the market. Go with the flow for best results.

3. Logos Are Not Required

The whole point of promotional marketing is to get your name out there, so a logo might seem like an obvious must-have on promo items. The fact is that depending on what you are gifting and who the recipient is, you might not need a logo at all. You can personalise items with people’s names for employee recognition and customer appreciation, and they will still remember where it came from.

4. Try a Few Items

Rather than ordering a large quantity of one promotional product, you should try out a few different products for your marketing campaign. Choose 2-3 things that you feel your customers would appreciate or that would get the message out most effectively. Then, you can cater your giveaways and marketing promotions to certain people or let people choose their gift. For more information, Brandability is a helpful website with additional resources.

5. Choose Longevity

Personalised paper products are nice gifts, but they eventually are going to disappear. Choose permanent items to promote your brand instead. Repeated use means ongoing brand exposure for you.

6. Humor Wins

Don’t take your promo items too seriously. In some cases, it can be far more effective (read: memorable) to give people funny items or unique gifts that will get a laugh. Useful is good, but sometimes entertaining is better.

7. Encourage Regifting

Although typically frowned upon, regifting promotional items is a great way to extend the life of your promo items and keep your business on people’s minds. Encourage people to share their items, or give them multiples so that they can pass along the freebies to their friends and family.

If you are willing to get creative, promotional items can definitely take you places. Use these secrets to success to take your promo campaign to the next level.