Promotional items are an excellent way of increasing brand awareness, while giving customers items they can use in their daily lives. Promotional products offer a significant degree of design possibilities, customizability and are inexpensive. However, selecting the wrong promotional item or making a mistake when using promotional items can impact negatively on your brand. Consequently, businesses ought to be aware of the mistakes to avoid when using promotional products.

1. Selecting an inappropriate promotional item

Every business wants a successful marketing campaign. Therefore, the selection of the appropriate promotional products is integral in achieving a successful advertisement. One of the worst mistakes you can ever make with a promotional item is selecting the wrong one. For instance, customers or employees want to receive an item that they can use in their lives and one that will serve them for a long time. Therefore, choose a unique promotional item that applies to your target market.

2. Failure to have a distribution plan

You should have a plan in place of how you will distribute the promotional products. There is no need of ordering for 1000 sports gear yet you don’t have a policy of how they will reach your target audience. Consider if there are conferences, trade fairs or corporate events where you will distribute your items. Make sure you book a stall in a trade show in advance so that you can display the items.

3. There is no real objective

Again consider your marketing goals. You need to know why you are investing in promotional items for your business. It could be because you want to expose your brand more than before, you want new and repeat sales, or you want a better way of interacting with your customers than before. Your marketing goal will help you to determine the products that will match and help you to achieve success. Visit Brandability to learn more information.

4. Lack of custom branding

Branding is the perfect way to remain on top of your clients’ mind. However, you need to do more than putting a logo on your promotional item. You should come up with better ways of promoting your brand by customizing the products. Consider adding your phone numbers, website URL, and email address.

5. Ordering the last minute

The mistake of ordering for promotional products at the last minute reduces the available choices and can easily harm your finances or budget. You have little time to check the items for defects and fix the errors when you order at the last minute. It is advisable to order for the promotional products at least four or three weeks in advance for smooth production and inspection of the items.

6. Cramming too much information

Make sure you keep the promotional products simple by avoiding a lot of information. Your target audience will have a difficult time trying to digest too much text. You should incorporate the basics, such as the company name and website.