Winter can be a stressful time to move, but sometimes it is the only time. Some things you may have to prepare for are freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and howling winds. During wintery weather conditions, there are several things you can do to help a mover get the job done in the fasting and easiest way possible. Here are five ways to help make a winter move easier.

1. Clear the Driveway and Sidewalks

This is probably the most important thing you need to have done before the movers get to your home. Clear the driveway wide enough for the moving van, and park your vehicles out of the way. Shovel the path from the moving truck to your house, and melt any ice with deicers or throw a thick layer of sand over the top.

2. Protect Your Carpet

During the winter expect everyone that is going in and out to track ice, snow, and deicer into your home. As much as people try to wipe their feet off, dirt, debris, and moisture can still get on your carpet and flooring. To help avoid this, lay down plastic carpet runners. Plastic carpet runners are tacky and designed to stick to the floor. They will not move around when people walk on them. After the moving is complete, roll up and throw away the plastic. It makes for fast, easy cleanup.

3. Move Animals and Children

If possible, have small children go to daycare or a family member’s house so that they can stay comfortable. The doors will be open, and it will be difficult to keep the house warm. If you have pets, you might be able to lock them in an empty room with a small heater on or a pet carrier with lots of blankets. Leave them food and water, and tape a do-not-enter note on the door. Write on the note that there are loose pets in that room too. The Matco moving solutions website is a useful resource if you would like more information.

4. Call for Road Conditions

Check with local highway and road condition reports early in the morning. If any roads are blocked, contact the moving company right away to make alternate plans. Before the mover leaves, recheck the road conditions and warn the driver of any known hazardous conditions.

5. Have a Plan B

It is possible that the weather conditions could prevent the moving equipment and the mover from making it to your house. In those situations, you will need to have enough items unpacked to stay another night. Consider the fact that you may need to leave and stay in a hotel and eat at restaurants. It may be easier than unpacking bedding and kitchen utensils.