If you want a sturdy construction, you can always depend on steel, especially when it comes to buildings. Pre-engineered buildings made of steel are more than boxy-looking warehouses, as they can also accommodate other needs. Below are five popular types of metal buildings that are popular with consumers today.

1. Garages and Workshops

One of the most popular types of building forms amongst pre-engineered offerings are those that can be used for a garage and workshop. These buildings are both durable and strong, as they can safeguard items such as power tools, motorcycles, and classic automobiles. You can also use the same structure for a workshop. Use a pre-engineered steel building to spray a classic car or practice woodworking activities.

You will find that this type of configuration is designed to withstand the elements, whether it is a rain storm, heavy winds, or hail. It can even withstand seismic activities. When these building are made, engineers follow guidelines provided by the local city or town. The parts can delivered to the building site, ready to be installed. Whether you want to practice a hobby or store a car, this is an ideal structure to use.

2. Commercial or Industrial Buildings

You can also use steel buildings for your business. By using this type of building, you can expand your company and grow more easily. That is because a pre-engineered building can be adopted for growth and can help you reach your targeted customers. If you are cramped in a small building, you should consider buying a pre-engineered building for easy expansion. You can always add to the building’s design later.

If you choose a clear-span building, you do not have to worry about any additional columns or poles. You also will not require a truss and cord system. All the space, including the ceiling space, is usable. You do not have to worry about any blockages caused by interior framing. All the space in the building is open and available. You can enjoy the optimum amount of space for storage and other activities. If space has become a problem for your business, this is the type of building to choose.

3. Agricultural Buildings

You may need to add a steel building to house your tractor or other equipment if you are a farmer. If so, you need to consider a pre-engineered building made of steel. You can also use a steel barn to provide a home to cows, horses, and goats. This is a great building to use on a farm, as it is not subject to problems with infestations. Also, you do not have to constantly replace posts, poles, or animal pens when you use this type of building for agricultural materials or an animal habitat.

Whilst a good many farm animals can survive exposure to cold weather, you still need to have a place for them when the temperature drops below the freezing mark. Also, this type of building is energy-efficient, especially if you insulate it well. Find an insulation that comes with a high R-value to eliminate problems with condensation.

4. Residential Buildings

Whilst a pre-engineered steel building does not fit into most people’s idea of a home, they certainly can provide living quarters for people who think outside the box. You may want to change your thinking about traditional residences when you review the cost – a price that is far less expensive than buying a traditional house.