Custody battles are among the leading cases in most family courts. The battles can be devastating because they take up much of your time, are difficult, and they are expensive. As a result, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake that can sabotage your custody battle. Besides hiring a family lawyer for your custody battle, you need to avoid mistakes so that you gain the most advantage for the case.

1. Letting your anger take control

You shouldn’t let the messy details of your relationship have a bearing on the child custody agreement. Besides, the family court is not concerned with the reasons for your relationship ending. The family court is only concerned with the best interests of your kid. Therefore, you should avoid the mistake of making negative comments about your partner or spouse in the presence of the kids. More information can be found on the Matrimonial Home website.

2. Irresponsibility with your social media engagement

Most parents often make the mistake of taking their anger to social media platforms during a legal custody battle. When a parent posts such information on social media, it becomes public information that can be used against them in the case. The court will not grant you custody when it notices that you are acting irresponsibly on social media during the case.

3. Forgetting your family lawyer

Don’t make the mistake of representing yourself in a family court without a legal expert. You must invest in the best family lawyer for your custody battle if you want to win the case. Don’t forget to be honest with your lawyer and don’t hide information even if you deem it not useful for the case. You will make the situation worse than it is when you lie to your attorney even if you feel that the truth is ugly.

4. Disobeying temporary court orders

Family courts often put temporary orders during custody cases. For instance, the court might order you to have the children home to the other parent by a particular time. Make sure you adhere to the orders given by the court so that you don’t negatively affect your case.

5. Keeping poor records

Parents often make the mistake of poor record keeping. You should consider written modes of communication, such as notes, emails and texts. Also, ensure that you keep the communication records because every communication you have with your partner regarding the kids is crucial for the case.

6. Unfairly influencing your child

Family courts look down on parents who influence their kids during the child custody case. Avoid filling the mind of your child with false information concerning the other parent. Most parents make this mistake hoping to stand a better chance of winning the case than their partners. On the contrary, it could potentially harm your case.