Moving companies are known for moving, of course. However, there are other services that they may offer. They may be able to satisfy a need you have, without you ever considering them for it. Here are 4 services moving companies may offer.

1. In-home moving

To supplement business, some moving companies may offer in-home moving. This means that if you need your furniture moved around, or you have some heavy items you need to be moved, a moving company may be able to help you. You can use their Edmonton movers to help you organize your home because they will be able to move things that you may not be able to. It will be a stress reliever knowing you do not have to bother friends and family with your moving needs. You can just sit back and relax while the mover takes care of what you need.

2. Storage

When downsizing, sometimes you have too much stuff for your new home. Moving companies sometimes offer a storage service. Regardless of why you need to store items, some companies offer short-term and longer-term options to safely store your items. They can remain stored to give you time to go through things because you are downsizing, for college students needing to store their stuff during the summer, or if you are waiting for a new home to be built and need to put your thing somewhere.

3. Pickup and delivery

You might find yourself in a bind if you purchase something large at the store and cannot move it yourself. You might not have a large enough vehicle, or it might be too big for one person to move. Whatever the reason, some moving companies will offer their services to pick up and deliver items. This lets you rest easy that your purchase will be safely delivered to your home by the mover.

4. Drivers

Some moving companies will rent out their labor. This means that if you are moving, you could rent your own truck. Then, you can contact a moving company and find out how much their workers would cost per hour for loading and unloading. This removes the moving company from having liability over the transportation of your belongings. You would have to drive the truck, but the moving company’s workers would load all your things and then unload at the destination. This can be an economical solution for moving, especially if the distance between the two locations is short.

Moving companies sometimes offer people services they might never have thought about. So, the next time you need something moved, even if it is just inside your house, give your local moving company a call. They might offer the services you need and let you rely on them and reduce your stress.