Many businesses enjoy the creative approach of using promotional products for marketing purposes. Shopping for and distributing products that promote a company helps an organization to get known by providing tangible gifts to new and current customers as well as company employees. Here are some of the product options.

1. Clothing

Caps, t-shirts, and hoodies are just some of the clothing items that can be emblazoned with the company’s name, logo, or slogan. Some organizations have used socks, mittens, neck scarves, and other clothing items for this purpose. Photos of a company mascot, CEO, or offices can help to introduce the company to the public when worn by customers or employees. They offer tactile reminders of the organization’s existence and services.

2. Office Supplies

Common, everyday desk staples like an imprinted letter opener, coffee mug, or pen set are widely used for product promotion by many organizations. Daily exposure to a desk item can lay valuable memories for future recall when needed. Stationery goes without saying, but mouse pads, flash drives, and stack trays can also be purchased in company colors for in-house use or as giveaways for the community at large. A CD storage folder or a stapler can also serve as promotional items. These products are great for trade shows and product display events, as well. For those of you interested in learning more, there are more resources to be found on the Brandability website.

3. Accessories

Office Stapler 201712

Depending on the nature of the company’s business, related items, such as an imprinted personal blood pressure cuff for home use or a pill cutter for medical companies, or a retractable tape measure for construction firms, could also be distributed at events like a career fair or a recruiting program. People seeking more information about the company either then or in the future will be apt to remember and contact the companies who provide thoughtful, usable gifts with contact information included.

4. Swag

Corporate Gift 201803-009

To commemorate employee achievements and milestones or to attract new customers, special gifts can be offered that are a touch above everyday promotional items. Quality knit blankets, leather portfolios, and upscale travel mugs are frequently sought-after products, and there are countless others to choose from. Courting prospective customers or rewarding dedicated employees can be enhanced when you give them a practical and attractive gift they can show to others and enjoy. People feel special and appreciated when they receive gifts of this type, and they will remember the company that provides them.

Promotional gifts can become a cost-effective part of your company’s marketing plan. Buying in bulk reduces the cost and ensures you will have plenty in the office when needed for various events. Browse the exciting designs and features now available to enhance your company’s image.