Moving day is simultaneously exciting and stressful. At last you will be making the transition to a new location, and the hard work will be done by day’s end. However, to keep things working fast and smoothly, the movers will need a clear path in and out of both locations. Here are a few reminders about clearing their path.

1. Occupy Kids and Pets Elsewhere

Children love to be in the middle of household events, but it can slow things down ad increase the risk of accidents if they are allowed to remain in areas where the movers will be working. Give them a game or some chores to do outside, weather permitting, or consider taking them to a friend’s house for the day. Do the same for pets, who may consider the moving crew as intruders and growl, bark, or bite as a result. Even when locked in a room or in an enclosed yard, the chance a dog might get free or a cat might start rubbing the movers’ legs when they are carrying heavy furniture or delicate items should be barred. Keep your pets penned and preferably distracted during the move, or take them to a pet boarder’s for the day.

2. Organize Movable Items Out of the Way

Check with the moving company ahead of time about the best way to arrange everything to be moved. The truck might be loaded in a certain way, and if so, organize your movable items in that manner. Keep other items out of the way, boxed or stacked neatly, until it is time to move them. Ensure plenty of walking area between rooms so the moving company crew can get in and out of each one where there is furniture or boxes to go.

3. Clear the Walkways

Check the sidewalk leading up to your home that the Toronto movers will use to remove toys, branches, excessive leaves, or anything else that could be an obstacle. Do the same for the porch or foyer areas to facilitate entry and exit points. For example, family shoes lined up at the front door could get in the way of loading the moving truck.

4. Keep the Driveway Open and Clear

Similarly, keep the driveway clear of cars, bikes, and other outdoor toys or gardening equipment, like a hose. You don’t want anyone to trip over something and get hurt, or even to drop and damage a household item, like furniture or boxed dishes. Remove snow or ice, if necessary.

A few basic precautions like these can help to keep moving day problem-free. Keep the walking areas clear inside and outside for efficient truck loading and unloading.