Implants have come a long way in terms of technique, quality, and procedure complexity, but many people still have inaccurate assumptions or fears about the process. Dental implants are a mildly surgical procedure that involves the placement of a titanium rod, and they are currently the best long-term solution for missing teeth, but the following are some other important things to know before going into the procedure.

1. You Are Replacing the Root and the Tooth

The titanium rod that gets inserted acts as the root for the tooth, and this rod holds it securely in place. The tooth portion is created based on the details of your own teeth, and it’s secured to the top of the titanium rod. This way you have a secure false tooth that looks and feels just like the real thing.

2. General Dentists Can Do Implants

When they were first introduced, implants may have required a specialist, but these days, the process is so simple and the materials are so available that general dentists are often able to carry out the procedure. Given that it’s so successful and practical, it’s grown into something that is widely practiced among dentists, and this procedure might even cost less coming from a general dentist. Check out the Build Your Smile website if you want more resources.

3. They Have a High Success Rate

Dental implants have an excellently high success rate, so you can go into the procedure knowing that you aren’t likely to experience issues. The most common reasons for failure are dental implants that don’t get securely embedded into the bone, and this can happen for a number of reasons. Other times, the bone around the implant deteriorates, but both situations are uncommon.

4. They Are Extremely Precise

Other bridgework might require alterations to surrounding teeth or manipulation of the jawbone, but most of the time, implants are able to avoid both. Inserting an implant is extremely precise, so there is minimal disruption to the structural integrity of your jaw, and you can keep your surrounding teeth healthy and intact.

5. It’s Easier Than Pulling a Tooth

When hearing about the process of a dental implant, many people assume it to be a complex procedure with a long recovery time, but it’s actually the opposite. These days, getting an implant is simpler and easier on the body than getting a tooth removed, and there is typically a shorter recovery time associated with implants, as well.