Hello there. Today I will be showing you how to resize a watch or remove links off of a watch using tools that you can basically find at home.

You’re going to need long-nose pliers like this one, and you’re also going to need a very, very tiny pointed screwdriver or a very, very tiny flathead screwdriver. Either one will work fine as long as it fits into the tiny hole on the sides of the watch.

My dad got both of these in a little set from the 99-cent store years ago before we even lived in this house. I’m not sure if they still sell it, but they might sell something similar, so you might want to check that out.

You’re also going to need a screwdriver with a rubber handle. It doesn’t really have to be a screwdriver with a rubber handle; you can use anything as long as it’s not going to break your watch when you hit your watch. Do you know what I mean? You’ll see what I mean in a minute. You’re also going to need newspaper and a towel on top to keep your table and your watch from damaging.

This is the watch that I’m going to be working with. You want to have a different watch to compare it to and to get an idea of how many links you want off the watch, or you can just simply try it on. From there, you can eyeball how many links you want off the watch. The screw that keeps the links together has a rounded side and a flat side. You can tell where is which just by looking at the sides of the watch.

See how this one is flat and this side is kind of rounded in the inside? When you get an idea of how many links you want off your watch, you’re going to take one of your screwdrivers and insert it into the hole where the screw is rounded. Don’t insert it where the screw is flat. What you’re going to do is use the rubber handle of the screwdriver and just hit it until you get this on the other side. You don’t want to get it all the way through or else you’re going to damage the table and the screw. You’re going to pull that screw out with your pliers.

Once you’ve separated the links that you want off from the Tense wood watch, you’re going to insert the screw back into that empty hole left, and make sure that you insert the rounded part in first, and make sure you’re inserting it in the side where the flat side is on. It’s not going to go through all the way, so you’re going to want to hit it with your screwdriver with the rubber handle until it’s flat.

Now I’m going to do the other side and I’m going to take out three links. Keep in mind that you want to keep these two end links right here, because that’s what you use to basically wear the watch. You just basically do the same process. This time I’m using the flathead screwdriver, and I’m just hitting it. Now I am separating the two end links from the links that I want off so I can put it back.

Just remember that when you’re putting the screw back in, put the round part in first on the flat side. Since the screw didn’t go in all the way and it’s not completely flat, I’m going to hit it again with the longnose pliers, but I’m going to hit it with the part that’s kind of towards the end, not the part where the flat edge is, like that. You’re going to hit it with this part.

If you don’t do it with that part, then you’re going to damage your watch, because I didn’t, and I already damaged my watch, so be careful.

What you want to do with the leftover links is basically just keep them, because one day your wrists might get bigger and you’re going to want to resize these watches if you want to again. If you have very expensive watches, if you have a Chanel watch or a Michael Kors watch, I recommend not doing this process and just take it to the store, because I believe they do it for free.

I would only recommend doing this on watches that you bought that are cheap or watches that you happen to have bought on-line that are cheap. Right here, I was having trouble putting on my watch, and I had to get my sister to help me out. I really hope you found this helpful, and I hope that it wasn’t too hard to understand and hopefully you got the gist of it.

If you have any questions or concerns, just leave them in the comments below. You can tell by watching the video what I’m doing, right? I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thank you so much for watching. Until next time, bye.