A cross section of staff converged in the Conference Room to partake in the maiden Breakfast meeting, an innovation introduced by the Hon. Minister, Julius Debrah.  In his opening address, he noted that there was the need for members of staff to be united to move the Ministry forward. He stated that every member of staff from the cleaner to the Chief Director had a vital role to play in the administration of the Ministry and admonished staff to put up their best.

The Minister indicated that the objective of the Breakfast meeting was to create a platform for members of staff to express their views on a feature film “Africa United” which portrayed many lessons that could be related to our daily work schedule and experiences in the Ministry.

“Africa United” is a road movie on five children who travel several miles to arrive at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Although their background was as diverse as the continent, Dudu, a Rwandan AIDS orphan, with a true sense of determination led them to their destination.


The Chief Director, in his concluding remarks, noted that the Breakfast meeting was worthwhile and successful and served the purpose for which it was organised. He observed that vital lessons had been learnt,by all, including the fact that when we work in unity and togetherness; success would crown our efforts. He commended members of staff for the excitement shown during and after the film with their various contributions. The Chief Director was impressed with the participation and frank expression of members of staff.