Following the exit of Vincent Adzato-Ntem, a new Chief Director in the person of Charles Dondieu has been officially inaugurated at a well-attended staff durbar in Accra.

In his introductory address, the soft spoken Chief Administrator, who occupies the highest office with several years of experience hinted of restructuring the unproductive order of work in order for the ministry to be seen as the true heart-beat of governance in the country?

Mr. Dondieu subsequently called for unity and respect among all members of staff regardless of status or pedigree adding that, he would appreciate any call from his superiors to order, in case he veers off track.

Addressing the staff durbar, the sector minister, Julius Debrah made public his open door policy urging every staff, particularly Cleaners and Junior staff to boldly approach him with any issue bothering them, stressing that, non-courageous staff irrespective of political affiliations could slip their concerns scribbled on paper into a suggestion box or under his door for attention and not wait for staff durbars before expressing them.

A Deputy Minister of the sector, Baba Jamal advised that mutual respect for one another should be the prevailing atmosphere in the ministry and urged the new Chief Director to stamp his authority in every nook and cranny for all to know he is the Chief Administrator in charge.

Staff members took turns to express pertinent concerns which were duly addressed in a spirit of camaraderie