Hon. Joseph Amenowode (Regional Minister)

Hon. Col. Cyril Necku Rtd. (Deputy Reg. Minister)

There were 376,204 dwelling units in 264,451 houses, across the region, during the 2000 census (26, March 2000). This represents an increase of 52.8 per cent in the housing stock since March 1984.

The region shares boundaries with Togo in the South Western along the coast, Northern region in the North Eastern corridors and Eastern region in the Southern eastern corridors.

About four-fifth (78.7%) of the stock of houses are in the rural areas. In all, there are 345,821 households in the region, which translates into a ratio of 1.3 households per house, the lowest in the country. On the average, there are 6.2 persons per house and 4.7 persons per household.

Two-thirds of households in the region occupy their own dwelling units. Relatives who are not household members own 12.4 per cent of housing units, while the remaining are owned by other private individuals and employers, and others.

It has 18 MMDAs with Ho municipal as the capital.