Objectives of Directorate

  1. a) Project the good image of the sector, both within and outside the country, by disseminating information on government policies, activities and procedures; and provide a source of feedback information on government’s actions and policies.
  2. b) Promote effective planning, management and coordination of all aspects of Information Technology (IT) functions; Website and Correspondence Management System to deliver administration and provide relevant information regarding programmes, projects, activities and services for achieving the mandate, vision, mission and strategic objectives of the MLGRD.
  3. c) Promote Information Technology (IT) systems and network security, perform change management for the production environment.
  4. d) Maintain an updated data bank for decision – making.


 Information and Public Relations

  1. a) Establish and maintain systems and procedures to facilitate inter and intra-Ministerial flow of information to ensure that the public is appraised of current events and policy changes in the Ministry.
  2. b) Monitor press publicity and public opinion concerning the activities of the Ministry, assess their impact on policies and programmes and evolve strategies and mechanisms for explaining, promoting and maintaining public understanding and goodwill.
  3. c) Prepare periodic bulletins of information from the Ministry, implementing agencies, among others, of operational interest to improve performance in the sector.
  4. d) Undertake periodic review of public relations policies relating to overall sectoral plans and priorities in order to ensure that the public is properly informed of the operations and direction of the Ministry.
  5. e) Maintain records, library and archives of publicity material generated by the Ministry or external institutions and agencies affecting the operations of the Ministry.
  6. f) Compile data on the District Assembly elections and update periodically.

 Research and Statistics

  1. a) Initiate research programmes for the Ministry and for this purpose, consult with other Government Ministries, Implementing Agencies and relevant public private institutions.
  2. b) Plan and determine statistical surveys and design questionnaires to elicit information required.
  3. c)  Conduct sample statistical surveys and other statistical inquiries.
  4. d) Evaluate completeness and reliability of raw data and make appropriate adjustments before the use of the data.
  5. e) Organize the processing of data into tabular, graphic and other forms, amenable to analysis, interpretation and computation of averages, ratios, distributions, correlation, co-efficients, among others, for use by the Ministry.

Reports and Documents to be Produced

 Documents to be produced by the Directorate will be based on the specific activities entailed in the function and name of the Directorate. These include:

  1. a) Reports on the Directorate’s activities with respect to the coordination of research work on the functions of the sector, and promoting research which is needed for better performance of the sector.
  2. b) Reports on coordination activities in the collection and collation of statistics, with appropriate interpretations.
  3. c) Annual Briefs to Cabinet.
  4. d) Bi-annual reports to :


  1. Office of the President on Sessional Addresses


  1. Office of the Head of Civil Service (OHCS) on the Sector’s performance in relation to the goals and targets set


e). Production of the Local Government Digest Newsletter

f). A Communication Strategy for the effective dissemination of the Ministry’s            programmes and activities.

g). Annual Reports on the performance of the Ministry.