1. Carry out research and continuous evaluation of the activities of MLGR and ensure that the details of the Ministry’s activities are communicated appropriately to all relevant and wider public.
  2. Decide the appropriate means of communication on the various issues to be addressed on;
  3. a) Website
  4. b) Newsletter
  5. c) E-mail
  6. d) Personal letter
  7. e) Telephone
  8. Prepares and supervises the production of publicity brochures, handouts, photographs, films and multimedia programs
  9. Develops and maintains good working relations with the media, including National papers, Magazines, Radio and Television
  10. Organizes special events such as press conferences, exhibitions, open days and tours
  11. Speaks at public presentations, press conferences, radio and TV interviews and meetings
  12. Ensures that the Ministry’s press releases are timely distributed to their appropriate quarters.
  13. Maintain and update information on the MLGRD website.
  14. Use appropriate methods to maintain the identity, name, reputation of the Ministry.
  15. Answers enquiries from individuals, journalists and other organizations.


  1. Performs any other related duties as may be assigned