1. Co-ordinates the preparation and implementation of the annual budget of the MLGRD
  2. Manage the personnel of the MLGRD, including their recruitment, promotion, training, leave, staff appraisal, welfare, etc

iii.              Manage general services of the office e.g. security, Estates, Store and Transport.

  1. Provides an efficient system for the maintenance and repair of all equipment, vehicles, buildings and furniture for the MLGRD.
  2. Maintain an assets register for the MLGRD.
  3. Procures goods, works and services for the office in accordance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act 663 and other relevant regulations.

vii.            Develops and implement manpower and recruitment plans for effective and efficient administration of the MLGRD.

viii.         Establishes and maintain a well- functioning record management system

  1. Ensure that salaries of staffs of the Ministry are paid and that the names of officers who leave the service are deleted from the payroll in accordance with laid-down procedure


  1. Liaise with other Directorate within the MLGRD to produce the MLGRD’s annual report.